Are you sick of wasting your time & money on wellness trends and waiting forever for results?

Maybe you just wish that all the attention to detail you put into yourself would finally pay off - or perhaps you've given up from overwhelm. If you've tried every diet, supplement, or test on the plant and still have confusion...welcome. You're in the right place.


I've been there, for many years... and it's rough. The wellness world is like the wild west these days, with many conflicting perspectives and contradictory advice from who knows who.


I've got good news for you. We're taking the guesswork out of crafting your revolutionary wellness plan and we're using a verifiable, indisputable source to get you clear-cut guidance with an action plan - your very own DNA.


Why DNA?

The main reason for so much conflicting information in the world of wellness (also why your friend's diet doesn't work for you) is because of genetic variation, or bio-individuality. Your DNA provides the exact blueprint for what foods, supplements, sleep patterns, exercise and lifestyle choices will naturally lead to the best you. We can clearly see how your body handles so many chemical processes and reactions, so that we can identify any areas of discord and opportunities for optimization.


Understanding these key factors and how your body functions best allows you to follow the lifestyle that best supports you, without question. This test shines critical light on root causes of harmony or discord that are currently creating the future of your health and wellness, as well as tons of insights essential to vitality.

Take a closer look at this technology!

Who is Epigenetics for?

Epigenetics testing is recommended for the general health and well-being of anyone, of any age, who is looking to streamline their wellness approach into just what really works... and it can be especially insightful for individuals struggling with chronic or elusive health concerns, autoimmune conditions, hormonal changes, even anxiety or depression.


PLUS - right now we're offering a 2-month complimentary access to the Embodiment On Demand membership with your wellness plan purchase.  This members-only space is packed with a diverse range of live weekly classes, and on-demand video practices to support your physical, mental and emotional transformation.

Your Wellness Blueprint

This unparalleled technology shows EXACTLY how to optimize SO many things for your wellness plan, including sleep and stress response, nutrition, and so much more! By learning about your unique DNA coding, we will be able to take the guess-work out of what you should be doing to feel your very best! You’ll learn exactly what works for you… and what doesn’t.


Debunk all the trends and let's customize, including your best fuel approach & potential sources of discord.


Discover when, how much, & how to optimize that down time so you can craft your perfect rejuvenation plan.


Simplify what you need & what you don't, once and for all, so you can streamline.


Optimize performance & results by following  your body's ideal guidelines.


Identify where you may need support for cellular repair, anti-aging & toxin mitigation.

+ Advanced Panels

Hormones to find the perfect balance for thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, & bone density.


Neurotransmitters to understand brain chemistry to optimize mood, motivation & metabolism.


Endocannabinoids to optimize your experience with CBD & THC based on your unique genetic receptors & responses.


More Magic Modalities

In addition to advanced Epigenetics Human Potential Coaching, Lindsey is also currently certified in Holistic Nutrition, Advanced Biomarkers Interpretation, NLP, EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life and Success Coaching, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Emotion Code, and Reiki II. Energy work and emotional healing play a critical role in your holistic wellness approach, and your Designer Genes plan can include sessions of these magic modalities to support your deepest healing.

PLUS - Dive in with Embodiment Academy or On Demand

I want you to dive right in to revolutionizing your wellness routine, which is why for a limited amount of time I'm gifting you two months of Embodiment Academy complimentary with the purchase of your Epigenetics test. It's packed full of diverse practices to support your detox and journey to vitality.

  • Streaming & On Demand

    Embodiment Academy is your go-to resource for quick breathwork pick-me-ups, endocrine-nourishing active meditation practices, and everything in between to tune up your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

  • Craft Your Daily Practice

    Develop a new perspective and work through subconscious blocks with practices for streamlined self-care that works for your body without overwhelm -- all in a supportive community with motivation and accountability, tailored to compliment your Epigenetics test results. 

  • Become an Expert with Our Signature Courses & Masterclasses

    Join the next Embodiment Academy Bootcamp cycle, browse Radiance Rituals at your own pace, upgrade and explore the Good Mood Food Course, or catch up on masterclasses with the experts - Human Design, FaceYoga, NLP Techniques and more. Click below to learn more about the course upgrades.

Hi, I'm Lindsey,

I'll be your guide through your best (and last) wellness quest for answers.


I've been through the ringer with my health over the years. I've overcome obesity, chronic unexplained illness, autoimmune symptoms, multiple food allergies, hormonal imbalance, digestive nightmares...you name it.


After years of suffering and seeking solutions from some of the best specialists in Los Angeles, trying every diet on the planet, and spending a small fortune on supplements...I stumbled upon Epigenetics, and it finally connected all the dots.


By learning to align with and embody my Epigenetics-tailored ideal wellness approach, I've been able to heal my gut, reverse many of my food allergies, balance my hormones, and essentially, get my life back.


I love nothing more than helping clients understand what their body wants from them, and learn just how incredible they're capable of feeling. Wellness gets to be easy and fun, when you know what works for you.

How it Works

1. Reach out below to connect with Lindsey and craft your customized coaching package.

2. Receive your Epigenetics test kit in the mail.

3. Swab your cheek & return it to the lab. 

4. I receive your data (about a month later*) & get to work on your analysis & unique wellness plan.


While you wait, meet with Lindsey and begin your customized pre-work plan.  You'll also have all the tools you need to  explore yoga, meditation, mindset classes & other practices for your physical, mental, & emotional uplevel in your complimentary 2-month Embodiment On Demand membership trial.


5. You schedule your virtual session to go over all the details with a fine-tooth comb and fully customize your Designer Genes wellness plan.


My main objective is to identify the juiciest, low-hanging fruit for you: the wellness tweaks that will feel as effortless as possible with your lifestyle, while delivering major results! Most people are surprised to find that just by addressing some specific nutrient needs, they report within weeks having more energy, weight loss, clearer thinking, & more!

What My Clients Are Saying

I have my life back. Chronic fatigue is gone. Pain is gone. When you go from feeling like sleeping all day, exhausted, random pain...to energy, clear headedness again...how do you not say it's a miracle!

Christina L.

I now know what few things I need to focus on to feel my best, instead of doing so many things that weren’t necessary.

Neelou M.

I went from constantly dieting and going to the gym every single day to eating more relaxed and having rest days and I've gotten the BEST results in years!

Wendy M.

Doing Epigenetics with Lindsey has changed my life. The time she takes to explain it all, the passion she has for it and the way she breaks it all down, it’s amazing. The way she walks you through it all never makes you feel overwhelmed.It’s a must do!

Verena H.

I am so happy I did this test. My skin has totally cleared up, and my digestion is so much better! I’m no longer dealing with bloating and gas, and I’m losing weight effortlessly! I can’t recommend this enough!

Jasmine S.

For the first time in my life, I feel that I fully understand how my body works and what it really needs to feel good.  I feel more confident when choosing foods to eat and feel an immediate difference in my energetic and emotional levels when I do eat something I know is not the best for me. This helps me to get back on track quickly! It has made such a huge difference in my life and I am forever grateful!

Megan R.

What's the cost of not knowing what works for you?

Many people (myself formerly included) are spending a small fortune following trend diets, buying the wrong supplements, or even worse… following the wrong diets for years, only to end up with prolonged suffering or even increased disease. Whether your health is holding you back from living the life you desire, or you’re concerned with prevention and longevity, this one-time investment and the insights you’ll receive are truly priceless.


What is Epigenetics & how will it help me?

How does the test work?

I’ve had 100 other labs run; do I really need this one?

How is this different than 23AndMe or other consumer tests?

Is this test secure? I'm worried about my personal data.

How often do I need to run this test?

Will this test tell me that I have a disease or how long I have to live?

Does this test for food allergies?

Do you offer a payment plan?

What's Included?

Your custom Epigenetics Coaching Package comes with:

  • 1 Secure Genomics Test Kit, mailed to your home for saliva collection

  • Confidential Lab Analysis

  • Epigenetics Interpretation of your custom Panels: Nutrition, Supplementation, Detox Pathways, Sleep, Exercise, Hormones, Neurotransmitters, and/or Endocannabinoid

  • Live Video Review + Coaching Session (Recording Provided Afterwards)

  • Personalized Action Plan + "Soul Foods" Nutrition Guide

  • Personalized Coaching Options Customized To Your Needs, including pre-work while your results are processed

  • Additional Advanced panels available for add-on: Hormones, Neurotransmitters, and Endocannabinoid

  • PLUS for a limited time, 2 complimentary months of supportive physical, mental & emotional practices for your wellbeing through the Embodiment On Demand membership

Ready to fit into your Designer Genes?

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Reach out directly to our team to discuss your specifics and start the process.

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